Monday, December 15, 2008

Work at Home Business Opportunity

***********Residual Wealth Factor Home Business ****************
Perhaps like many folks out there I literally spent thousands of dollars enrolling in this, that and the other home-based program promising instant wealth. Like many others I never earned a single penny, and found myself just that much poorer.
Now after all this time I feel I've wizened up a bit regarding whether a home-based program is legitimate or is an out and out Scam.
I recieved an email about this group called GDI who had a money making program called "Residual Wealth". it wasnt too long before I decided I might at last be onto something. GDI has a favorable listing with the Better Business Bureau, is listed with at least 3 different magazines -one of which praises it as being 37th among the 500 fastest growing companies in the USA. It has received positive coverage in popular mainstream newspapers.
The one week trial cost for the first week of membership with GDI/Residual Wealth: -FREE!
There after, the monthly membership is a mere $10.00. Despite this very low membership fee, the income attainable is staggering. Others have reported making as much as $5000 to $10, 000 a week -thats not per Month, but per WEEK! First year earnings can often times be beyond belief. Needless to say, to reach financial independence -and more, I don't think programs get any more affordable yet offers more than it does.
I am actually not a newcomer to network marketing, as I’ve been involved in outright failures with them on two previous occasions. Any newcomer to this will undoubtedly initially be convinced that something this “simple” just has to succeed! Yet despite such a programs simplicity, many do fall by the wayside, perhaps blaming the program itself for thier failure. Personally I feel that I have learned from past failures of both others as well as myself in Network Marketing.
Paid leads -which GDI provides at a cost is just one way of building those all important downlines.
Also, I have spent a lot of time trying to learn of others of the very best as well as efficient methods of finding folks to take part in this business opportunity. I briefly considered –and then eventually decided looking into Optin lists. I also looked into and considered companies sponsoring “high quality” leads as the way to go. It wasn’t too long ,however, before I rejected both.
Eventually I was to come upon other sources of what I considered to be more viable ways of linking up with people. I believe these to be the most efficient I’ve found yet.
As my success is largely dependent upon yours, I am more than willing to share with you what I have found to date that we may all build the best downlines possible –in the shortest amount of time!
Personally i am really stoked about this program and I invite other serious minded folks to join me in this both amazing and potentially profitable adventure!
-Please: serious, determined people are preffered -People who know thier time has come to better themselves financially and spend more time doing what they want to, instead of being tied down to a tedious dead end job 8 or more hours a day!

For more info, go to:

-type in: vincent1948 as the "code" to gain admittance.

Vincent Chretien

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